Documentation for the ACMESharp project

This project is maintained by PKISharp

The ACMESharp PowerShell modules make up the client that can be used by end-users to:

If you just want to use ACMESharp to request and install certificates, these are the components you want. Please see the instructions on what to do with these links.

If you are a developer who wants to embed ACMESharp client libraries in your own projects, or who wants to develop extensions for ACMESharp, you should go here.

PowerShell Modules

Stable Modules

  Hosted on the PowerShell Gallery
Powershellgallery Badge ACMESharp base module - version 0.9.x
Provider Modules:  
Powershellgallery Badge AWS
Powershellgallery Badge CloudFlare
Powershellgallery Badge Microsoft IIS
Powershellgallery Badge Microsoft Windows
Powershellgallery Badge DNS Made Easy

Pre-Release Modules

In order to use the pre-release modules, you need to define a PSRespository that points to the pre-release feed and then reference that repository in your installation commands:

## Pre-release example
Admin PS> Register-PSRepository -Name acmesharp-pre -PackageManagementProvider NuGet `
       >>     -InstallationPolicy Trusted `
       >>     -PublishLocation `
       >>     -SourceLocation
Admin PS> Install-Module -Name ACMESharp -Repository acmesharp-pre -AllowClobber
Admin PS> Install-Module -Name ACMESharp.Providers.IIS -Repository acmesharp-pre
  Hosted on MyGet
MyGet ACMESharp base module
Provider Modules:  
MyGet CloudFlare
MyGet Microsoft IIS
MyGet Microsoft Windows
MyGet DNS Made Easy

Please see the reference documentation for the standard Provider Extensions.