Documentation for the ACMESharp project

This project is maintained by PKISharp

These NuGet packages are meant to be used by developers who either want to integrate the ACMESharp client library into their own projects, or want to develop extensions for ACMESharp itself (e.g. Providers for Challenge Handlers or Installers).

If you are a user that just wants to use ACMESharp to request and install certificates, you want to go here.

.NET NuGet Packages - Client Libs for developers

Stable Packages

  Hosted on the NuGet Gallery
NuGet ACMESharp client library
NuGet ACMESharp Vault library
NuGet ACMESharp POSH library
NuGet ACMESharp 32-bit dependency for OpenSSL Cert Provider
NuGet ACMESharp 64-bit dependency for OpenSSL Cert Provider

Pre-Release Packages

  Hosted on MyGet
MyGet ACME protocol client library for .NET
MyGet Vault support for ACMESharp
MyGet PowerShell module library for PS Module Client
Certificate Providers:  
MyGet BouncyCastle
MyGet OpenSSL x86
MyGet OpenSSL x64
Extension Providers:  
MyGet AWS (R53, S3, IAM)
MyGet CloudFlare (DNS)
MyGet IIS (handler/installer)
MyGet Windows (installer for Cert Store)
MyGet DNS Made Easy (DNS)